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At We Sell Any Company, we understand the stress that insolvency practitioners (like you) face when presented with the unenviable task of having to sell a company, and doing it fast – whilst also adhering to the SIP 16 regulations and compliance.

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If a Pre-Pack sale is the right choice for your clients, then you will be looking to present the business for sale to the widest possible audience, with a marketing strategy that targets potential buyers online and gives you the best chance of a quick sale, maximising the greatest possible returns.

How to generate interest and sell a business quickly
How to generate interest and sell a business quickly

If you have the time and marketing expertise, then you would need to create a bespoke sales platform, make sure it ranks high on the major search engines, then use a multi-channel marketing system to identify, attract and engage potential buyers in the fastest possible time.

You’ll naturally have a competitive edge with your unique understanding of the psychology behind sales and you will be able to present the company for sale in such a way that prospective clients would both see it, understand its value proposition immediately – AND feel compelled to make further enquiries.

You need metrics too: accurate reporting on campaign effectiveness generated from analytics so you can track which marketing channels work best by adjusting them as needed!


We can do all that for you.

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Benefits to an insolvency practitioner of partnering with We Sell Any Company

We Sell Any Company are specialists in finding buyers for solvent businesses and generating interest in short periods.

We do so by strategically targeting your potential buyers whilst helping your company adhere to all SIP 16 regulations and compliance.

Metrics and reports are also provided both as evaluator evidence (up to NDA) in connected party sales and as a tool so you can witness the effectiveness of each advert that you place with us.

Our fixed fee per advert and our quick and easy upload system makes selling a company with us a breeze. You just relax and let us do the legwork.

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Benefits to an insolvency practitioner of partnering with We Sell Any Company

Our pricing is individual to the service you require, and prices start from £300 for accelerated and pre-pack business listings. This includes strategic placement & social media advertising and individual analytics report to support your SIP 16 obligations. Plus, access to our registered buyer’s database for all your listings and access to our secure data room through our exclusive partner, SmartRoom*
(*additional fees may apply for this service)

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