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A unique approach to targeting potential buyers

WeSellAnyCompany.com (WSAC) is a website which advertises businesses for sale. WSAC has a unique approach to targeting potential buyers, using a proportion of the advertising fee to push the business out to potential buyers using social media sponsored advertising – this sets us apart from our competitors.

Started by a passionate businessman who has been involved in the buying and selling of businesses for many years, he thought that there has to be a better way for sellers to get more out of the process. The contemporary thinking behind the Active Business Selling Approach (ABSA) was created to give people targeted marketing support when wanting to sell a business online. A slicker more efficient way of promoting businesses to buyers.

Why WeSellAnyCompany.com?
Why WeSellAnyCompany.com?
  • Each business is treated individually.
  • An advertised business doesn’t just become 1 of 1000s. Not just platform post and forget.
  • A 3rd of the business advertising fee is used to promote the individual business
  • We use the social space to profile and target potential buyers.
  • Through the social channels we can provide detailed analytics.
  • Upload a business in under 15 minutes.

Avoid unwanted fees

With unwanted fees and unnecessary commissions, WSAC was born to offer people wanting a fast but powerful way of selling their business. We do things a little differently when it comes to selling a business online.

Avoid unwanted fees