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A unique approach to targeting potential buyers

WeSellAnyCompany.com is a hybrid business marketplace that combines an online platform for advertising businesses for sale and off-line buyer finder. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, broker, insolvency practitioner, or franchisor – if you’re looking to sell a business or buy a business, we are the site for you.

We’re different from other business selling sites at wesellanycompany.com as we have a unique approach to targeting potential buyers. We use a proportion of your advertising fee to push the business out to potential buyers using our expert knowledge of social media sponsored advertising – setting us apart from our competitors.

Started by a passionate businessman who was involved in the buying and selling of businesses for many years, he thought that there had to be a better way for sellers to get more out of the process and sell more businesses – more quickly.

The forward-thinking idea behind the hybrid model was driven by market research. After years of working as an online-only platform, we realised that there was a gap in the market for offline support using real people. As a non-advisory service, we can genuinely help anyone involved in the buying and selling of businesses.

Why WeSellAnyCompany.com?
Why WeSellAnyCompany.com?
  • Each business is treated individually
  • An advertised business does not just become 1 of 1000s – we don’t just post and forget
  • Listings can benefit from 33% of the listing fee spent on boosted advertising*
  • We use strategic social targeting to attract potential buyers
  • All data is tracked, and we provide activity reports which inform future actions
  • A business can be uploaded and shared across all channels in less than 15 minutes
  • We have real humans working on your business sales making the most of each opportunity
  • Our registered buyer’s database is an extensive list of potential buyers who have expressed interest in buying specific businesses

*Applies to certain plans

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Avoid unwanted fees

We do things a little differently when it comes to selling a business with our hybrid sales approach, using our online marketplace and internal sales team to maximise your chances of success.

With unwanted fees and unnecessary commissions often commonplace, wesellanycompany.com was born to offer people wanting a fast and powerful way of selling their business a different option.

As a no contract, no commission service you, can advertise your business for sale and generate genuinely interested buyers.

Choose wesellanycompany.com to help sell a business now.

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Avoid unwanted fees