Successful sale of The Country Pantry

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Welcome to the blog page and the first blog of many.

I thought now would be an appropriate time to do the first blog given that in June 2017 our website successfully found its first buyer of a business using the unique concept which has been developed. This blog uses a real-life example of how the website turned from a concept into a successful seller of a business.

Carolyne Robinson of the Country Pantry Bakery in Shotley Bridge, County Durham, was delighted to complete the sale of her business after placing an advert on the website.

Where did this success story start?

Carolyne was directed towards the website via a contact of mine and placed a 30-day advert at the cost of £150 plus VAT. The Country Pantry is a small bakery in the village of Shotley Bridge which regularly made a small profit. The business had been a lifestyle business for many years and was very dependent on the owner and therefore finding a buyer using traditional methods was going to be difficult with the buyer of the bakery likely to be someone who wasn’t necessarily looking to buy a business and maybe someone who was going to quit a job to take a punt on running their own shop. Paying a broker a few hundred pounds to sell her business may have proved unsuccessful so paying £180 was a risk worth taking.

So, how did the buyer find the advert?

The way that works is that each advert automatically posts onto the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin pages. A proportion of the fee is then used on sponsored ads on the social media sites with the targeted viewers dependent upon the details of the advert.

The buyer of the business seen the advert on Facebook and contacted the owner. This quickly turned into an offer being accepted and the sale completed following a legal contract being signed.

What were the additional costs to the seller?

Zero!! Yes, that’s right zero additional costs. The way that works is as an advertising website that markets businesses for sale. Therefore, you pay an advertising fee to be on our website and to use our social media pages, there is no success fee for us because you manage the process yourself and we are not acting as brokers.


Overall, Carolyne was delighted with this pain free process and was able to enjoy a well-earned holiday following the sale.

Good luck for the future Carolyne and good luck to the new owner of the Country Pantry Bakery.

Who is the website best suited towards?

In my opinion, the website should be used by the following people:

  • A business owner wanting to pay a small fee to see if they can get interest from someone to buy the business;
  • A broker who is looking to spread the marketing of a business that they have for sale; and
  • An accountant, lawyer, consultant or anyone else who wants to use the website to try and sell a business on behalf of a client and maybe get a success fee from their client should the business sell.

If anyone would like to know more about the website and how it works, please contact us at


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Barry Gill

Founder and Managing Director –

Barry Gill, Founder and Managing Director –