Preparing your business for sale in the midst of a global pandemic

Selling your business during COVID-19

Are you thinking of selling your business? Not sure how to during the pandemic? We’ve put together just four little tips on how you can start preparing to sell your business in a post COVID-19 world.

So what do you need to do?

Tip 1 – Fix and Repair

Make sure your business doesn’t have any major flaws that could put potential buyers off.Make your business look as pleasing to the eye as possible, this might mean a quick run around with a paint brush! Don’t spend too much money but make sure its in the best condition.


Tip 2 – Play on your advantages

Benchmark your business to a similar one in your area. Make a list of all your advantages and how your business stands on a competitive level. See if any improvements can be made.


Tip 3 – Sort your finances

Selling or buying a business is a massive financial decision, even more so in these difficult times. Anyone looking to buy a business now are going to need reassurance that the business is and can be profitable in the future.Maximise profitability while you can and get a professional opinion before you make any financial decisions.


Tip 4 – Connect with buyers

Advertise your business for sale on and we’ll push your advert out to potential buyers on social media. Get engagement with relevant people, the more interest the better!


You can still sell your business during these uncertain times, just make sure your business is as attractive as it can be, both physically and financially!

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Four tips for preparing your business for sale in the midst of a global pandemic- fix and repair, play on your advantages, sort your finances and connect with buyers.