Selling your business checklist

First impressions are important in just about everything you do in life but especially when it comes to advertising your business for sale. To attract the right buyer’s, you’re going to need a visually appealing, attention-grabbing ad to help show your business in its best light, our sell your business checklist is the perfect place to start!

We’ve put together a checklist / guide type blog to help you stand out when it comes to advertising your business for sale online.

Sell your business checklist


One of the first things prospective buyers will see is your advert title. Make it stand out! Keep it short and snappy but make sure you include relevant information that will add to your business’ strengths.

Example: Café for sale VS Profitable café for sale in Newcastle City Centre.

Which one stands out more?


Your description is where you get to start selling your business. Tell the truth but make sure you’re putting your best foot forward! Avoid adding in anything too negative that might put buyers off but try and answer questions that buyers may want to know.

For example: how long have you owned the business? if your business is a physical space – how big is it? Is there room to expand? Will any employees be staying with the business once it’s sold? Are there many competitors nearby?

With we provide sections in our advert listings for an overview of the business and options to provide key points – this is where you can bullet point some important information about finances, location etc!


Just as important as the advert description is the images you choose to represent your business. Listings with photos for any business for sale advert receive more enquiries as, as a buyer you want to know visually what kind of business you’re looking at. For physical businesses like shops, cafes, restaurants etc. adding images to your advert will likely be fundamental for receiving enquiries. Getting the right angels and lighting are everything for showing your business in its best aesthetic light.

Make sure you photograph everything, if your business comes with any equipment or different facilities then include them in your advert as you never know that might be the difference between you and another advert!

Personal details

Your personal details won’t be posted on your advert listing but it’s important to include your email address in the form as it will allow you to be contacted by any interested buyers.

When you advertise your business for sale with we have the framework for your advert ready you just have to add all your information and we’ll do the rest! See below for a quick step by step run through of our business for sale advert framework:



Go to the ‘Sell your business’ section on our website
Start entering your business details
This is where you can start entering your business advert details – how long has the business been established? Will employees be staying with the business once sold? Remember to add up to 5 bullet points to strengthen your ad!
Upload the image you want to appear as the main photo for your advert (this will be the cover image that is posted on social media for your sponsored campaign)
Next you want to upload all the images relevant to your business for sale ad – this could be interior and exterior photos (make sure you’re choosing the best ones to properly show business in its best light!
Now make sure you add all your personal details so you can be notified by any interested parties!


If you think you’re ready to go in a different direction, you can start the process to sell your business online now with us – Sell your business