A guide to working from home

A guide to working from home

In these uncertain times a lot of us are being forced to work from home, including us here at wesellanycompany.com. With this in mind I’m going to use this blog to run through a few tips that may make working from home easier and more enjoyable!

Tip 1- Create your own workspace

Clear a space for yourself somewhere quiet, make a makeshift desk out of your dining table, sitting at a desk/table will make it easier to get into work mode rather than sitting on your sofa, or in bed. Try find somewhere quiet as this will keep you from getting distracted!

Tip 2- Stick to a routine

You should try to follow your usual office hours, get up early and treat it as if you were going to work. However, if there’s any positives of working from home it’s that you can be flexible so adjust your timings to fit you. It can be hard to find motivation to start working especially if you’re not used to working from a home environment so making timetables and checklists will help make you feel like you still have a routine.

Tip 3- Get dressed!

Although you’re not leaving the house, getting ready on a morning will help wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead, you can wear whatever you want but getting up and out of your pyjamas will help you get motivated to sit down and work! Remember the saying “dress for success”!

Tip 4- Use video calls

You’re used to going to work and socialising with your colleagues, working from home can be lonely so utilise what you have access to and if you can, try and schedule video calls for you and your team to check in on each other, share your thoughts and ask any questions you would normally do face-to-face. If you’re a dog owner be prepared to welcome them to the team, if they’re anything like mine then they won’t want to miss out on your zoom meetings!

Tip 5- Get moving!

Use your dinner break wisely! Make sure you’re moving around; you’re allowed to leave your new workspace so why don’t you use your dinner break to socialise with your family or watch something on the television.  Remember to take your usual coffee/snack breaks that you would on a normal office day.

A guide to working from home