2019 and our 2020 goals

2019 has been quite a big year for wesellanycompany.com in terms of growth, not only have we grown the team (Welcome to the team) but we’ve also been growing our network and clients. We’ve made a start on getting our brand and services out across social media by launching a series of successful campaigns – #wsacwisdom and our current campaign #dealsofthedecade. We are also getting more adverts on our site, with insolvency practitioners starting to list their accelerated disposals too.

Our 2019 in numbers:
• Website page views; 37,370
• Facebook posts reach; 364.8K
• Facebook Engagement; 18.5K
• Tweet impressions; 268.2K
• Tweet engagements; 14.6K
• LinkedIn impressions; 29.9K

Considering we only started marketing in September we are more than happy with the amount of reach, impressions and engagements we have received on our posts this year.

With the help of our social media campaigns we’re hoping to make 2020 the best year yet for wesellanycompany.com. We want to be front runners in the advertising of businesses for sale. and we think next year could be our year! As a team we are growing and learning more and more everyday so there’s no reason we can’t make this a reality.
Our main goal is to get hundreds of you listing your businesses for sale on our website by the end of the year, we are aiming to do this by reaching out, posting engaging content and not stopping until everyone has heard of wesellanycompany.com!