Meet Mark Taylor, Our New Head of UK Operations

As I enter into my second week in my new role as Head of UK Operations with, I wanted to share my first blog. Hopefully, to give everyone an introduction myself, a little bit of background on my experience and my plans for the future.


Firstly, I am happily married and have two young children as well as two lovely dogs. We love being outdoors. Whether that is walking the dogs, going to the park, visiting the beach or camping – you will always find us outside somewhere (weather permitting of course – I’m not too keen on rain).


We love to travel, and you would normally find us on holiday somewhere nice and hot during each half-term and every summer without fail. But in recent years the global pandemic has put an end to that, so we have really embraced the UK. We are loving our staycations and we spend more time away now on weekends than ever before. If I’m not on a beach, you’ll find me up a mountain as I also love to ski having spent winters in my youth working in France, Italy and Switzerland.


I am definitely a fair-weather athlete (if I can even call myself that). I still play football twice a week. I go to the gym. I often run, sometimes swim. I play golf (quite badly). And, most recently I have tried my hand at surfing, which is amazing – but seriously hard. Starting in the North Sea in January this winter was not the smartest move!


My biggest downfall is scones, which I fell in love with when visiting Cornwall last summer – I literally can’t get enough of them, bordering on addiction. Cream then Jam if you are wondering. I also love a nice glass of red wine, my preferred at the moment is The Banished version of 19 Crimes. Sweet and Jammy, but nothing to do with my love of scones.


So why am I sharing all this information about myself? Well, I am more than just an Operations Manager. I am a person and I do a lot of things that are not work-related. People like to work with people they can trust and relate to, so I really wanted to share a snapshot of who I am and what I enjoy as I feel all those things make a difference to the person I am when I am working.


My experience has been gained in several wide and varied roles. From working abroad in ski resorts managing luxury chalets to being the Global Business Development Manager of a technology start-up in the property sector.


The most important thing that I have learned throughout my career is the importance of relationships. It is about building trust, being honest and delivering what you say you will do.


In my short time with I have been pleased to find our focus on helping people in the business selling space is genuine and more than about making a profit. We really want to help and connect as many people as possible in buying and selling businesses.


We have some ambitious plans for the business. Having reviewed and analysed the business selling market, I plan to implement some changes to These changes will make us the most proactive business selling platform in the UK, and then in future, much further afield.


We really want to connect as many buyers and sellers as possible. We want to offer the most holistic business marketplace available, and make it quick, convenient, and cost-effective for all involved.


With that in mind we have some big developments coming in the next few months, these include:


  • Accelerated Sales Marketing – Improved outsourced management of accelerated sales and pre-pack administration in line with SIP 16


  • Broker Connect – A confidential platform for business brokers to share high-value and off-market deals creating more opportunities


  • Unlimited Business Listings – With any subscription brokers can list an unlimited amount of business listings


  • Enhanced Selling Support – We are going to offer lead generation and managed paid for advertising to promote the sales of even more businesses


  • Business Directory – A free online directory to link more professional advisors and brokers to people at any stage of the business buying or selling process


Over the next few weeks, I am looking to connect with as many industry professionals as possible and I would welcome a chat to get to know you more in the hope we might be able to work together in future.


My email address is – feel free to send me an email and book some time so we can either meet in person or organise a virtual coffee.